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Cancelling Transmissions

Now that you have learned how to transmit forms and documents (files), let's discuss some additional actions you may need to take, such as, cancelling transmissions, retransmitting files, and deleting documents.

If you need to cancel the transmission of a form or document, the file must be in Queued or Error status. Once the file is in Transmitted or Confirmed status, the transmission process cannot be cancelled.

To cancel a transmission that is in Queued or Error status, select the form or document and click the Cancel eOPF Transmission button. Once the transmission is cancelled, the Transmission Status changes back to Ready to Transmit and the information in the Scheduled Transmit Date and Status Date columns is removed for that file(s).

In this example, we will cancel the transmissions for the "Project Management Certificate" and the "Joy Adams resume" documents.

Cancel eOPF Transmission cancelling the transmission of a file