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Completing the Questionnaires and Viewing Locked Fields

While reviewing the questionnaires, you will notice that somes fields are grayed out and cannot be edited. These fields can only be modified by the new hire. Fields that are not grayed out are to be completed and/or modified by the HR office. Again, the data entered on the questionnaires is used to populate the forms.

Questionnaire items that display a Lock icon indicate the new hire has submitted a form(s) that uses this field and no further edits can be made to this item. To see the forms that are locking a field, you can place your cursor over the Lock icon and the list of forms that use that field will display.

In some instances, new hires need to make corrections to fields that are locked by forms they have already submitted to your office. In the example below, the new hire needs to make a correction to her Social Security Number (SSN). Place your cursor over the Lock icon for the Social Security Number field and the system will display all the forms that capture the SSN. In order for the new hire to make the correction, you will need to return these forms back to the new hire. We will discuss how to return forms to the new hire for correction coming up shortly in this course.

As the HR User, you will continue reviewing the rest of the questionnaires assigned to this record and enter the necessary HR data.

Note: If the Lock icon is not present, the field is not locked and can be edited by the new hire.

Lock icon hovering over lock icon to view name of documents that are locking the questionnaire field