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Viewing the Human Resources Tasks

Before sending the official job offer, you can also view the status of HR tasks at this time to ensure you are following your agency's onboarding process. To review the assigned HR tasks, go to the Manage Tasks page and set the filter to Human Resources. The HR tasks can be completed at any time during the onboarding process; your agency's onboarding procedures will dictate the sequence of task completion.

Onboarding a new hire may be a phased process where some tasks are completed before the first day of work, while other tasks are completed after the new hire is onboard. Once a task is completed, the HR User will enter the Completed Date.

We will now send the official offer notification to the new hire and complete the Send Official Offer task.

Note: The Completed Date for some tasks will automatically populate when the task is completed by HR or the New Hire. This occurs with system level tasks or tasks that are part of a custom workflow.

Human Resources viewing status of HR tasks