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Completing the Transmission Process for Documents

In this example, the transmission delay period has passed and the documents have transmitted. Generally, documents and forms remain in Queued status for about two weeks after the official start date. However, the transmission delay period varies depending on your organization. Check with your Office Administrator regarding your agency's transmission delay period configuration.

For all new hire records in the system, the transmission process is complete once all documents are in Confirmed or Elected Not to Transmit status.

The documents in Confirmed status have been successfully transmitted to the new hire's eOPF, the documents in Elected Not to Transmit status do not require any further action.

Note: The HR office should always review the eOPF to verify that the documents in Confirmed status in USA Staffing are also displaying in the new hire's eOPF.

Documents Transmission Status viewing documents that are in confirmed and elected not to transmit status to complete the transmission process