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Display Settings

This course should be taken using either Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox browsers. Images and text may not display correctly in other browsers.

If you have to scroll down the page to see the Next button you will need to make some adjustments to your display settings. First, try adjusting the size of your browser display by clicking and dragging the sides to enlarge the area of the browser. This will allow you to see the full screen to include the Next and Back buttons. Also, you may want to maximize your browser to avoid scrolling.

If you want to make your font larger, try holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and using the scroll ball on your mouse to enlarge or reduce the size of font.

This course is meant to be viewed at a display resolution of 1024 768. If your screen resolution is lower than 1024 768, you may need to change the display setting.

Course Features

This course includes features to help you learn the material. Click each feature to learn more.

These features appear at the top of each page of the training.