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Glossary: Terms and Definitions for USA Staffing

Assignments -These are the tasks assigned to the record. Tasks can be assigned to the HR user or the New Hire to complete.

Customer: Customer office within your agency.

Documents: Supporting documents that were uploaded by the new hire at the time of application. And documents uploaded by HR or the new hire during the onboarding process.

EOD: Entrance on Duty, also known as the official start date.

eOPF: Electronic Official Personnel File, also known as a system of record.

Files: A form or a document.

Forms: Forms are documents that are programmed in system by the USA Staffing Program Office. Forms can include standard government forms or agency-specific forms. These forms are available for you to assign to new hire records.

New Hire Number: A unique identifier assigned to the new hire record that is used for internal system purposes.

Onboarding Process Owner - The HR Staff member who is responsible for processing the new hire record. The record is assigned to this staff member and this record will display on this user's Dashboard.

Questionnaires: USA Staffing creates a list of form questions for the HR user and new hire to complete. This list is called the questionnaire. Questions will only appear once in the questionnaire and will pre-populate the new hire's forms.

Transmission:The process of sending forms and documents to the eOPF system.

Transmission Status:The state for form or document is in within the transmission process to the eOPF system.

Workflow: A bundle of tasks that can include forms, document uploads, instructional assignments, etc.

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