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Invitation Notification

Once you click the Envelope icon, the Choose Notification Template page will display. Your office may have multiple notification templates available to meet your agency's onboarding needs. Tentative offer notification templates must have the Type designated as Tentative Offer or the authentication link to begin the onboarding process will not be provided to the new hire in the notification e-mail.

For some positions, tentative offers are not extended, only official offers. USA Staffing provides flexibility that allows you to send a tentative offer or an official offer to the new hire. In some cases, such as transfers and reassignments, your agency may choose to send the official offer only. Either way, the initial invitation that is sent to the new hire must be a Tentative Offer or Official Offer template Type. These two notification types include the authentication link in order for the new hires to access their onboarding account.

In this example, we will select the Tentative Offer Template to use as the invitation notification.

Tentative Offer Template selecting the invitation notification