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Managing a New Hire Record

Regardless of how you access the New Hire record, the system defaults to the Assignments page. Navigate to the Overview page to begin your work.

The Summary area on the Overview page provides you with basic details regarding the new hire's position. This information consists of data that comes from the Request as well as the Certificate from which the new hire was selected.

The Contact Information is where you assign internal contacts to the record. Ensure the appropriate staff are assigned to the Supervisor/Manager, Onboarding Process Owner, HR, Benefits, and Payroll Contacts fields and click Save. If a new hire needs assistance during the onboarding process they can click the Contact Us icon from their account and the assigned contact's name, phone number, and email address will display.

The Assignments area displays and tracks the number of tasks, forms, and documents assigned to the record.

Note: If you are responsible for managing the record, select your name as the Onboarding Process Owner and records assigned to you will display on your dashboard when you log in. This page has filters that allow you to sort by other Owners in your office.

Supervisor/Manager Onboarding Process Owner HR Contacts Benefits Contacts Payroll Contacts HR contact names for new hire to reference