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Onboard: Uploading Documents

After opening the Upload Required Supporting Documents task, the page will display instructions regarding the required documents. The new hire will click the Add Document button. On the Add Documents popup, the new hire will click Browse to locate their document. Once the document is selected, the file name will display in the Choose a Document field.

The new hire will use the Select Type drop-down to assign a document type to the file and click the Upload Document button. The document Type is used by the Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) system to accept and categorize documents when transmitted to the new hire's eOPF.

Note: Document upload tasks may request multiple documents within a task. This example includes one document type. However, if multiple documents are requested, the Select Type drop-down will include a list of all accepted document types. The user would repeat these steps for each document type.

uploading a document to a new hire record