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Responding to the Tentative Offer

After clicking the unique access link in the e-mail, the Tentative Job Offer response page will display.

The new hire can respond by selecting Accept, Decline, or Request to be Contacted.

The three response options are:

  • Accept - The new hire accepts the position. Once the Continue button is selected, the onboarding process will begin.
  • Decline - This option declines the position. The new hire will be prompted to select a reason for the declination from a drop-down list, for example, declined salary, declined location, etc. In this case, the new hire will not begin the onboarding process and the HR office will be notified.
  • Request to be Contacted - This option displays a text box that will allow the new hire to ask the HR office questions before accepting the position. The onboarding process cannot begin until the position is accepted.

When the new hire responds to the tentative offer with any of the three response options, the Onboarding Process Owner, the Supervisor/Manager, and the HR user who audited the certificate will receive an e-mail and a user alert. The response is recorded on the Overview page of the new hire's record and a copy of the tentative job offer e-mail will display on the Notification History page.

In this example, the offer is accepted. Once Joy selects the Continue button, she will be prompted to log into her USAJOBS account via login.gov.

new hire responding to tentative offer