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Sending the Official Job Offer

The USA Staffing system allows you to send and track the official job offer through a system notification. To initiate the notification, click the Envelope icon from any page in the new hire's record. This process is similar to the Tentative Job Offer notification covered earlier in this course. Once the Official Job Offer notification is sent, the new hire receives an e-mail that includes a unique access link. Clicking the link will display the Official Job Offer response page shown below.

The new hire can respond by selecting Accept, Decline, or Request to be Contacted. After responding to the Official Job Offer, the new hire is directed to the login.gov sign-in page. The new hire will need to log into their Onboard account in order for the job offer response to be recorded in USA Staffing.

When the new hire responds to the official offer with any of the three response options, the Onboarding Process Owner, the Supervisor/Manager, and the HR User who audited the certificate will receive an e-mail and a user alert. The response is recorded on the Overview page of the new hire's record and a copy of the official job offer e-mail will display on the Notification History page.

viewing the official job offer response page