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Retransmitting Files

The Retransmit to eOPF Queue button allows you to queue forms and documents for transmission that are currently in Elected Not to Transmit or Error status.

To retransmit a form or document, select the file and the Retransmit to eOPF Queue button will display. Once this button is clicked, the Add to eOPF Queue pop-up will display. You will enter the Effective Date as necessary and click Send to eOPF to transmit the file in the same way as outlined earlier in the course. After retransmitting, the Transmission Status will update to Queued status, and the Scheduled Transmit Date and Status Date columns will display updated transmission information.

For this example, we cancelled the transmissions for the "Project Management Certificate" and the "Joy Adams resume" documents on the previous page. The "Project Management Certificate" document was later placed in Elected Not to Transmit status in order to illustrate the process for retransmitting files.

Retransmit to eOPF Queue retransmitting forms and documents to the eOPF