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Transmitting Documents

After selecting a document, or multiple documents, and clicking the Add to eOPF Queue button, a pop-up will display. This pop-up displays the documents selected as well as the Folder Side, Form Type, and Effective Date. This information is used by the eOPF system to determine how the document will be filed in the new hire's eOPF. The Folder Side and Form Type are automatically populated and configured by your agency's Office Administrator.

All documents must have an Effective Date.

  • For supporting documents that were uploaded by the new hire at the time of application, the Effective Date is automatically populated with the date the new hire applied to the job.
  • For documents without an Effective Date, you can enter the date manually for each document.
  • To assign the Effective Date to multiple documents, select the documents, and enter the date in the field displayed at the bottom of the pop-up. Click Apply to assign the Effective Date.

To transmit the documents, click Send to eOPF to queue the documents for transmission.

Note: To close the pop-up without transmitting the documents, click Close.

queuing multiple documents for transmission