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Transmitting Documents

Once queued for transmission, the Documents page will display the Transmission Status and the Status Date for each uploaded document. The Transmission Status column will display the statuses listed below:

  • Queued. The document is added and awaiting transmission to the new hire's eOPF. The document is queued to give the agency time to create the new hire's eOPF and process the required actions. The Queued status indicates the document is on hold. The length of time a document is queued is determined by your agency.
  • Transmitted. The document has been transmitted and is awaiting confirmation from the eOPF system.
  • Confirmed. The document has been successfully transmitted to the new hire's eOPF.
  • Error. The transmission process received an error from the eOPF system. This status will display the error code associated with the transmission issue. You can refer to online help for the definition of the error code and then seek guidance from your agency regarding the actions to take to correct the error.
  • Elected Not to Transmit. This status displays when you click the Don't Transmit to eOPF button.

The Status Date is the date of the document's current Transmission Status. When the transmission status changes, the Status Date will reflect when that update occurred.

All documents that are eligible for transmission must be in Confirmed or Elected Not to Transmit status for the Completed Date to automatically populate on the Manage Tasks page.

viewing the list of documents that have been queued for transmission