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Transmitting Forms

When all assignments to onboard the new hire are complete, your agency procedures will dictate when you transmit the forms and documents to the Electronic Official Personnel Folder (eOPF) system. When forms are created in the system, they are designated as eligible for transmission to the eOPF or not.

Once a task is in Complete status, the Transmission Status column will display Ready to Transmit. When you check the box for forms that are eligible for transmission, the Add to eOPF Queue and Don't Transmit to eOPF buttons display. Depending on your agency procedures, some forms may be eligible for transmission but not sent to eOPF. Examples of what you would not send to eOPF may include internal HR forms/checklists or forms that will need to be transmitted at a later point in time.

  • To queue the form for transmission, click the Add to eOPF Queue button.
  • To indicate the form will not be transmitted to the new hire's eOPF, click the Don't Transmit to eOPF button.

To apply an action to one or more forms, check the box next to the form name. The check-box at the top of the column is a Select All feature that will select all forms displayed. This is useful when most of the forms will have the same action applied. You can uncheck the forms that should not have that action applied.

There are some forms that are not eligible for transmission. In this example, the W4: Federal Tax Witholding Allowance Certificate is one of those forms.

Let's begin by selecting all transmittable forms and clicking the Add to eOPF Queue button.

Note: When more than one form is selected, the Batch Selected PDFs button displays. Clicking this button allows you to print all of the selected forms, if necessary.

Add to eOPF Queue selecting forms to transmit to the eOPF