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Unaccepting Forms

In some instances, the HR staff identifies information that needs to be corrected on the HR portion of the form after they have already accepted and/or signed the form. To do this, the HR User will open the form, click the Confirm button, then click the Unaccept button at the bottom of the page. A pop-up will display and you will click the Unaccept button within the pop-up.

In this example, we will unaccept the I9 form. When the form is unaccepted, the following actions take place:

  • The Agency Next Action column on the Forms pages changes from Complete back to Review, Sign, and Accept Form status.
  • The HR User's signature is removed from the form (for forms that require an HR User signature).
  • The questionnaire fields associated with the form are unlocked for editing for the HR User only.

The HR User will navigate to the corresponding questionnaire(s) for the form and make the necessary edits. After the edits are saved, the HR User will go back to the Forms page, open and review the form, then accept and/or sign the form again.

Now that we have reviewed how to return a form to a new hire as well as how to unaccept a form, we will continue on with accepting and/or signing the forms.

NOTE: The unaccept feature does not return the form to the new hire and the new hire questionnaire fields remain locked.

unaccepting a form to unlock the questionnaire fields so the HR user can make corrections to the form