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Transmitting Documents

When on the Documents page, review it to ensure all necessary documents have been uploaded. If you need to add a document, click the Add Document button to upload additional documents. You must verify the Document Type before transmitting. The Document Type is a label used by the eOPF system to identify the type of document and where it will be stored within the new hire's eOPF. You can change the Document Type for all documents on this page, regardless of who uploaded the documents. To change the Document Type, click the current document type field for that item and select the correct Document Type from the drop-down list. You must assign a Document Type to documents that were submitted with the new hire's application package.

Once you have verified that the document types are accurate, you are ready to transmit the documents.

The transmission of documents function is similar to the process used with forms. Some documents will be transmitted to the new hire's eOPF and some will not.

Once a document is selected, the Add to eOPF Queue and Don't Transmit to eOPF buttons will display.

  • To queue the document for transmission, click the Add to eOPF Queue button.
  • To indicate the document will not be transmitted, click the Don't Transmit to eOPF button.

Note: If you do not assign a Document Type, the Transmission Status will display Ineligible for Transmission for that document.

Add to eOPF Queue selecting documents to transmit to the eOPF