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Viewing the Required Next Action for Completing Forms

Once you have opened the record, you will go to the Forms page under the Assignments tab to determine the next action. For some forms, the Agency Next Action column will change from Pending New Hire Action to Answer Questionnaire Items indicating that the HR User needs to complete the forms by responding to the questionnaire items.

The OF-306 form requires a second signature from the new hire so the Agency Next Action column displays Review and Return for Additional Signature. Once the form is reviewed, your agency can return it to the new hire for the second signature. This step should be done in accordance with your agency's onboarding policy.

Some forms will not require you to complete any further questionnaire items. For these forms, the Agency Next Action column will display Review and Accept Form indicating the form is ready to be accepted and/or signed by HR, as shown in the W-4 example below.

You will also click on the link for each form name to view the PDF version of the form. The forms will display the information the new hire entered on the questionnaires.

Next, we will click on the Questionnaires tab to complete HR's portion of the forms.

viewing required next action by HR for forms