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Viewing a record: Overview

The new hire's name will display across the top of the record. In addition, the record will display the new hire's email address, assigned Customer, a unique identifier, as well as the status of the record.

Each new hire record includes three main tabs: Overview, Assignments, and Questionnaires. Let's start with the Overview. This page displays Onboarding Information, Notification History and Data Transmission History. The Onboarding Information identifies the following:

  • The Summary area displays the new hire's position and request information.
  • The Contact Information area is where you can view and/or assign staff who will be responsible for different areas of the onboarding process for this new hire.
  • The Assignments area displays and tracks the number of tasks, forms, and documents assigned to the record.

Next, we'll view the Notification History page.

Overview Onboarding Information viewing the overview page of new hire record